The Emily Dickinson Reader, vol. 1

Guess what!  This morning I sent away to have Paul’s book printed.  It should be ready by our big Grand Opening party on May 9 and people can buy it there.  Or if you live far away and enjoy Emily Dickinson, you can buy it here!

Basically what Paul Legault (le-Gó) is doing is going through all of Emily Dickinson’s poems ever and “translating” them into English, even though they’re already in English.  This the first volume, poems 1 – 499, up until 1863.  Seemingly what you get is a picture of how endearingly crazy both Emily Dickinson and Paul Legault are.  Here are poems 7 through 12 as an excerpt:

7. If you’re a flower, I’m kind of like your zombie-gardener.

8. Dig up my grave, would you?  I’m a zombie, and I’ve got some flowers for you!

9. If today is opposite day, I’m happy.

10. I could probably only be Queen in a completely imaginary state.  Otherwise, I don’t think the country would do so well culturally or economically, because I would probably appoint plants, specifically roses, into key political and religious offices.

11. If you pick a rose, it can no longer access water and other vital nutrients that it needs to live.

12. I lost something that seems to be easily replaceable, but it is not easily replaceable.

I also enjoy poems 201 – 207 a good excerpt:

201. Because of your absence, I have turned into a feral cat.  Finally.

202. Science has more practical uses than religion.

203. I like it when I only almost know something.

204. I saw the sunrise this morning.  Let me tell you about it.  It was fantastic.

205. I want you to make love to me slowly but entirely.

206. I am shy around you because I like you.

207. I recently experienced ecstasy for the first time.  It was like the first time I got drunk by stealing liquor from my parents’ cabinet.  It was also like that time when I reeled through endless summer days from inns of molten blue.  You know.  That time.

Anyway, I am proud of Paul.  He is finishing his poetry MFA at UVa in mere moments, and at the end of the month he and his husband Orion Jenkins (thanks to Canada their marriage is legit) are moving to NYC to make it big.  Fact:  everyone in Charlottesville will miss them!  Here is a picture of us playing with Photobooth yesterday.

twirlliam carlos whirlliams

Also, Andrew is flying in today to install, and his opening’s on Friday.  Aahh!!  (ps soon we will have projects by ladies, it’s just turned out manly so far.)

One more time:
Paul’s book


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