i once had a dream

that’s not me


will not cast a shadow on what you have done

96 tears

that’s not me

“of making many books there is no end,

and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”

Breaking news:

Try & Make is no longer what it used to be!

Physical space is over, i gave the key back to our landlord a week ago.

Breaking news: we have a new book to explain it all.  It is called, try & make: a little experiment.



It is available to you in three different formats:

1. You can download it as a pdf for free, by clicking this right here:  try & make: a little experiment.  You reading this matters more to me than me making money.  Maybe this is why we could no longer afford a space?

2. I spent yesterday photocopying and stapling hand-made print versions of it, which I mailed to all the people who ever donated money to Try & Make.  I really mean it when I say that anyone who wants one can have one.  Send away for yours by writing to:

1112 E.  Market St. #22B

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Either just ask for one (so i have your address), or, if you are so inclined, send something (interesting thoughts, money) in exchange for it.

3. You can purchase it off the internet at Lulu.com for twelve dollars.  This is the only way that I make “money” off of what I have been working on  for nearly six weeks.  And, then you can own your very own professionally-bound and published Try & Make book!

Stay tuned for Try & Make‘s newest space-less foibles!!

new book coming out really soon!!!!

Hello Try & Make fan club,

we have a new book coming out hella soon!  It is a book called “Try & Make: a little experiment” and is investigating the meaning of the Try & Make project, socioeconomically, aesthetically, theoretically, culturally, socio-politically, emotionally, spatially, psychologically, geographically, art historically, and self-deprecatingly.

I know you’re probably thinking, “how navel-gazing and self-involved to write a book about yourself!  What does that do for anybody?” but that last question is pretty much what the book is about.

The best part about it: Try & Make members are going to be getting them in the mail FOR FREE.  For all of you other people who never supported me (just kidding?), you will be able to buy it off Lulu.com for twelve dollars.  Not like you will!
I also should add that the new book contains this image:

yah at eeh

what nedko said in his e-mail today


“Things Maybe We Haven’t Said”

This Friday we have a show opening!  It is being organized by two local ladies, Heidi Tüllmann and Ashley Florence, and is called Things Maybe We Haven’t Said.  There will be new work from artists around here and from Lynchburg, including:

Heidi & Ashley

Sarah Jean Simmons

Meg Hamilton

Isabella Scott

Lisa Kittel

The opening event will be is this Friday, June 26th at 5 – 9 pm!

Update: what it looked like:

c'ville show